Breville Barista Express Maintenance From Heavy Use - Back Flow Cleaning

Hi guys!

On this page I will be posting different maintenance tips and tricks that I learn as I go while using the Breville Barista Express in The Bean.

To start, here is a video I recorded on how to do the back flow cleaning when the decal and clean light starts blinking.

Keep in mind that there is two different types of warnings that it can give you.

Blinking means the system needs to be cleaned. Back flow cleaning, allows the group head to remain clean and work as it is supposed to. It cleans left over grounds and any other residue that might have been vacuumed during use.

Solid means you need to decalcify the system. For this you can either use the solution the comes with the Breville, or you can use equal parts of vinegar and water. I will upload a video the next time I do this to mine so you can see what it looks like. 

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